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Porsche 997 GT-3 R Chassis Records

2014 - E Series Cars (5 cars built, 3 known)

Full VIN is WPOZZZ99ZES7995 XX

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2014 : John Crosby, PCA


2014 : Schuetz Motorsport



"The Final Edition"
2014 : Steve Goldman
2015 : Joseph Toussaint, Pirelli World Challenge, PCA
2016 : Joseph Toussaint, Pirelli World Challenge, PCA

2014 997 GT3R - ES-515

The livery was done by Becker and commissioned by Porsche and this car is called "The Final Edition". This is the last 997 (race car or street car) ever built. Raced by Jospeh Toussaint in Pirelli World Challenge in 2015 and 2016 as well as Porsche Club America.


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